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We are the favorite solar water heater brand in Kenya - Seven SS Stars

Seven SS Stars. is a manufacturer of solar energy systems since 2009, specializing in low pressure solar water heater systems, as well as high pressure solar water heaters and flat plate solar water heaters .

The high quality of our products and the international recognition we receive make us a world leader in solar water heaters, and the power of the Sun. 12 years of construction of solar water heaters means 12 years of creative and technological experience.Twelve years of development, accumulated experience, and research have established seven ss stars products at the Kenyan market

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We are making it easier for Kenyans to make the shift into renewable energy one solar project at a time. We aim to make solar energy accessible to people of all walks of life by offering simple solutions that are reliable and affordable.

We design and install solar energy systems for residential and commercial clients in the country. Our commitment to solar was born from the desire to reduce impact on the environment and to help people struggling with the high energy costs to make the most desired switch to solar.

  • Country Wide Delivery We offer countrywide products delivery services Optimumly delivering to your doorstep, everywhere in Kenya.
  • Affordable Installation We offer affordable seven ss stars solar water heater systems and garden lights installations at fair prices
  • Warranty & Maintenance Our seven ss stars products are genuine and of high quality and therefore come with a 3-year guaranteed warranty
  • Durability & Longevity The build quality of seven ss stars solar water heaters and garden lights is of the highest quality and assures of you durability over the years

Here's what our clients say about us

My seven ss stars solar water heater provides me with a reliable source of hot water without fail.

Francis Mwaura

My seven ss stars solar water heater provides me with a reliable source of hot water without fail.

John Omollo
Top Coach